Manchester United launch ‘See Red’ anti-discrimination campaign to highlight and end abuse in all forms

Manchester United have launched a new anti-discrimination campaign entitled ‘See Red’ as the club works to confront racism and discrimination in all its forms.

‘See Red’ will continue to build on the work of the club’s existing ‘All Red All Equal’ programme which has also sought to tackle discrimination.

The club are encouraging supporters to call out and report incidences of racism and other hate crimes and to speak out in support of victims of discrimination.

“We are proud that players of all ethnicities, religions and nationalities have pulled on the Manchester United jersey over the years,” Group Managing Director Richard Arnold said.

“We challenge our fans, and indeed fans of every club, to watch this and think about their own favourite memories, their top teams and their most celebrated players.

A new anti-discrimination campaign called ‘See Red’ aims to tackle all forms of abuse

“How different would those memories be without the diversity of some of the best players in the world who have graced our game and our club?

“Sadly, footballers across the country continue to receive abuse online, seemingly without fear of censure.

“United has been, and always will be, a club for all. We do not believe real fans are racist and today, we call on those fans to join us in the battle against discrimination.

“It is not good enough for us all to sit silently on the sidelines when we see or read racist remarks or behaviour. Inaction has a consequence. We must call it out. We must not tolerate it. If you see it or read it – report it.

“All Red All Equal is a promise which we take seriously. We are proud of the rich diversity of our players and our fans. This club is open for all and we count on the support of our fans to keep it that way.”

Former United players Dwight Yorke, Rio Ferdinand and Ji-Sung Park all feature in the ‘See Red’ video, as does current Manchester United Women forward Lauren James.

Coinciding with the launch of ‘See Red’, United have replaced the seat coverings in the lower tiers at Old Trafford ahead of their Premier League game against Brighton on Sunday.

Seats in the lower tiers at Old Trafford will be covered in a 'United against racism' banner
Seats in the lower tiers at Old Trafford will be covered in a ‘United against racism’ banner

The club have also pledged to continue to work with the Premier League and relevant authorities to tackle cases of abuse and to ensure social media companies are acting faster and more decisively.

A new online reporting system where fans can report abuse via is also being unveiled.

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